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Soulfly 1


Genres: Metal / Hardcore

Location: Brazil

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Sorry there are no songs I am trying to get some one just they have to be an mp3 type file and mine arn't yet. Check out some photos and go to www.soulflyweb.com, or www.myspace.com and search soulfly.


  • SLash said:
    Hi, Guys! Who doesn't know yet, Soulfly announced US tour dates 2018 Check the tickets out here https://www.soulflytickets.xyz/ Jan 06
  • Deny Bill said:
    good song Apr 05
  • Jack said:
    Yea!!! Listen http://purevolume.com/choldra May 18
  • xXx_xXx said:
    you guys are GREAT!...XD Sep 03
  • Hotaru said:
    I love them:) I have got a few songs of Soulfly. Do u want? Apr 07
  • CreepeR_420 said:
    UUUUUUUU! hurry up on that music man this is the only soulfly musicain account on this site. gitty up on that shit mann! Oct 20
  • Mcphee_StephGurllz said:
    YOU all fucking awesome...Cheer'S.. Sep 04
  • danny said:
    put music on!!! May 16
  • danny said:
    put music on!!! May 16
  • ReBornMusic said:
    test Feb 21
  • headup29 said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/desmembracion Dec 19
  • said:
    u guys need to get the song \'Jumpdafuckup\' on here. keep it metal! Dec 01
  • patty101 said:
    Soulfly are pro =o) May 26


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Belgrade, Serbia


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Curitiba, Brazil

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United States

Mark Anthony de Lima

Iriga City, Philippines

Chinx Brandal

Sukabumi, Indonesia

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